“This script knocked me out! ”   Sid Bernstein, promoter of the most iconic concert in rock n’ roll history.

“A THOUSAND THINGS THIS SUMMER is a sweet coming of age story, unique to one adolescent, yet universal in its theme.  It conjures up the mid-sixties when Beatlemania reigned:  a time of hope, excitement, and innocence.  Two thumbs up.”    Richard Walter, UCLA

“Very touching, nostalgic, and funny.”    Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston Radio

“…well written…”    Peter Tolan (Rescue Me)

Set in the mid-1960s, a world without social media, A THOUSAND THINGS THIS SUMMER is about two teenage girls on a mission to meet the Beatles.  In pursuit of making their wildest dream come true, the choices that Francie and Elaine make and what they learn during the summer of 1965 will define their lives forever.