So…did you see a “A Hard Day’s Night” again or for the first time this past weekend? How upbeat an experience is that? Gene Seymour, film critic, states that even without “sharks, robots, zombies, superheroes or alien invaders that “it’s the best summer movie ever made.” I agree – how about you? There are still some showings scheduled of “A Hard Day’s Nights” so if you haven’t managed to catch it over this past holiday weekend, check your local listings, there’s still time!!!

Paul McCartney continues his tour in the States after suffering from a viral illness while in Asia recently. In a concert in Rochester, NY, Paul looked great and sang even better than ever. He even helped a couple in the audience from Rochester get engaged after seeing a sign the woman held that read, “He won‘t marry me ‘til he meets you.” Paul invited the couple up on stage, directed the man to get on his knees and propose (he did) and the woman consented. Then, in honor of the man’s age (64), Paul sang “When I’m Sixty Four.” After that, Paul joked, “And he booked us for the wedding,” exhibiting the same sense of humor he and his band mates were famous for.
Fifty years ago, “Freedom Summer” continued (President Lyndon Baines Johnson had just signed the Civil Rights Bill of !964 on July 2, 1964). Even though three of their co-workers had been murdered on June 1, 1964 and had not been found yet, civil rights workers continued to lay their lives on the line striving to register black voters in Mississippi.

On July 2, 1964, a heat record had been broken in Boston, registering 96 degrees. (This temperature doesn’t seem too hot, considering the heat and drought the US has experienced since then, particularly recently.)

After their world tour in Asia and Australia, fifty years ago this Thursday, July 10, the Beatles returned to Liverpool to attend the premiere of “A Hard Day’s Night” at the Odeon Cinema. That day, an estimated 200,000 fans lined their route from the airport.  July 10th is now celebrated in Liverpool as “Beatles Day”. (The Beatles had attended the London premiere of “A Hard Day’s Night” at the London Pavilion  four days earlier, on July 6th.)

“I Get Around“ by the Beach Boys was the #1 record fifty years ago this week. Though I had other ideas about getting around, I was about to embark on a cross country, family road trip to California.

See you next week! If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions and/or memories of the first week of July, fifty years ago, please let me know!!