Today is Sherryl’s birthday.  She was my best friend in Beatle crime and capers, innocent shenanigans really.  Sherryl is also one of the reasons I wrote A THOUSAND THINGS THIS SUMMER, aka ROAD TO SHEA STADIUM.

I wish I could say that Sherryl and I have kept in touch and that I know exactly where she is today, her birthday.  Truth is, we haven’t seen each other since the ’70s.

Many years after that chance encounter, I found out through a family member that my best friend through my middle and high school years was homeless.  Hearing this about Sherryl shook me to my core.  In a million years, I would never have thought this would happen.

The news about Sherryl prompted memories of our adolescent Beatles’ days; I couldn’t stop thinking about her and the fun times we had together.  The Internet had just dawned and I attempted to find her but the attempt failed.  I told myself that I would find her one day.  Then, marriage and children filled my life and that was that.

When I attended Emerson/East, the idea of a story emerged in my mind about my Beatlemania days.  The script, A THOUSAND THINGS THIS SUMMER, is a lot about Sherryl and me and our Beatle-filled times in high school, specifically the early Beatlemania year of 1965.  I dedicated this script to my old friend, Sherryl.

Sherryl, please know that I have not forgotten you.  I think of you so often — of our teenage times together, of our struggles to make sense of growing up.  I wish that we might meet again one day.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday.