Fifty years ago till now, The Beatles – well, it‘s Sir Paul – continue to be in the news! Amaaazzing!!

Paul McCartney’s OUT THERE tour is rolling along and rocking, too. This past Monday, he stopped off in Omaha, Nebraska…perhaps you’ve heard. The news everywhere, broadcast and web, has been about the 16 year-old boy, Tom White, of Omaha, Nebraska who managed to snap an Instagram photo of himself and Warren Buffet, famous Nebraska billionaire and Sir Paul McCartney, no description needed, outside an Omaha ice cream shop!

In the photo, Warren and Paul are just sitting on a bench and Tom is in the foreground, happy as can be. BTW, Paul had vanilla and still sports a watch on his right wrist (he’s left handed). Now that’s kinda “old-school” but I love it!! For dinner, though, he ordered gluten-free pasta, decidedly not “old-school”. Paul’s next concert date will be August 2nd in Minneapolis. Wish I could be there!

Fifty years ago today, July 20th, the Beatles‘ “Something New” album was released. “And, I Love Her” was on that album.  Of course, we loved it.  We didn’t realize it then but that song showcased the Beatles’ varied talents and foreshadowed their more introspective songwriting to come. Also, July 25th, fifty years ago this week, the album, “A Hard Day’s Night” hit No. 1 in the charts and stayed there for 14 weeks. Yes, it was “A Hard Day’s Night” summer, for sure! Sherryl and I were in heaven that summer every time we turned on our transistor radios. You couldn’t miss that song even if you only listened in for a few minutes! We loved it!! And, we were so looking forward to the premiere of the film, “A Hard Day’s Night” in August!!! I don’t know how we managed to be patient and wait for it.

Also, on July 25th, fifty years ago, race riots spread to Rochester, NY, having begun in Harlem, NYC, the week before.

And, fifty years ago this month, LBJ sent 5,000 “military advisers” into South Vietnam. Does this sound familiar in regards to 300 “military advisers” having been sent recently to Iraq? The addition of those 5,000 advisers in South Vietnam brought the total of US forces in Vietnam to 21,000 in 1964 – the Vietnam conflict was heating up though, at the time, I wasn‘t aware of it. A few years later, I was painfully aware of Vietnam as were those in my generation who had just passed through adolescence.

This week, fifty years ago, I was to “go on the road” but I haven’t found Sherryl’s letters from that summer yet. (They will serve to jog my memory!) I will. This time next week, we’ll be on the road to California!

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and/or memories!